Your website is up and running and you’re feeling great. You’ve spent the time and money getting your business online and now you’re looking forward to having a stream of new leads reach out to you. You’re ready to kick back and watch your email list grow as more and more people find you online. Sounds awesome, right?

But then… nothing.
You blog, but no one reads it because they don’t know it is even out there. You put up a killer opt-in offer, but no one “opts in.” You offer a sign-up for your email list, but you soon realize your only subscriber is… your Mom.
This is where most people get frustrated and throw in the towel. They think, “This web stuff just isn’t for me.”  we see this all the time. Businesses let their websites gather “web-dust” because they feel like they just aren’t getting anywhere. It’s sad, because all of these people were so close. They just didn’t know how close they actually were.
We’re going to let you in on the big secret to getting the results you want right now. Ready?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of organizing your web site so that it ranks well within the organic (not paid) search results of major search engines. The basis of SEO begins with keywords.
Keywords power the algorithm that enables search engines to find websites that “match” the keyword. Our process starts with analyzing and auditing your current website to reveal where improvements need to be made. A lot of companies can achieve significant improvements by taking care of basic SEO activities like having relevant keywords in their title tags.

Having a well-organized website is a start. Millions of people are searching the internet to find information. So, the first task is to make sure your website is search-engine friendly and to convince search engines that your content is relevant for particular keywords. SEO is not a get-rich-quick activity. There is no silver bullet but rather a thorough process of improving the areas that search engines look for in ranking your site.