The Players

Some of the awesome people that design with us...

  • Scott aka “Fuzzy”

    Rock Star Illustrator

    Trained in many art forms, from Graphic Design, Illustration, and Fine Arts. Scott claims to be a practitioner of many mediums. From pencils, to brushes, to a stylus, there needs to be a deep connection that runs from your brain, to your heart to your hand. If you can express an emotion or a setting in a single image then … Read More

  • Sherri aka “Flash”

    Rock Star WebDesigner

    “Testing 1-2-3” … “Mike check 1-2-3…anybody seen Mike?” …”Check-check…visa-mastercard” …”can you hear me now…can you hear me now…could you hear me then?”  ok, now that I have your attention…. I hardly know how to properly group words together to describe who I truly am.  I have been called “predictably unpredictable.” I could give you all the normal details like where I … Read More

  • Megin

    Rock Star Designer

    I’m a Christ-following, guitar-playing, book-reading, coffee-drinking, web-surfing Photoshopping fool. I’m a Mac and a PC. I would like to be paper, but I’m usually plastic. I am non-smoking and non-drinking. I am coffee not tea. In fact, I am a venti brewed coffee with room for half and half, sugar-in-the-raw and cinnamon, thank you. I used to be a night … Read More