Sherri aka “Flash”

Sherri aka “Flash”

Rock Star WebDesigner

“Testing 1-2-3” … “Mike check 1-2-3…anybody seen Mike?” …”Check-check…visa-mastercard” …”can you hear me now…can you hear me now…could you hear me then?”  ok, now that I have your attention….Picture 3

I hardly know how to properly group words together to describe who I truly am.  I have been called “predictably unpredictable.”

I could give you all the normal details like where I live (Proud to be an Ohio Native), height (5’11), favorite color (purple or blue), favorite animal (collies and golden retrievers), or hobbies, but I hardly think that’s adequate.

I am who am I am and that is Sherri aka “Flash”.

I like dark and rainy days, reading, cycling, kayaking, and being outdoors. (However, nowhere near poison ivy!) Talking people’s ears off, people watching, playing guitar and singing, and sharing on Facebook the sometimes amusing aspects of my life.

I am absolutely in love with my dogs. (Well I have to mention I love my husband & my 3 adult kids as well)I am loyal to a fault and the trusting kind. (That must be why I love dogs) I can’t sing well (which is a daily struggle) but I sing with my heart and soul when I do, but I can play guitar pretty well. I am happy where I am and with what I am currently doing

I love peanut butter. Like really, really, really like peanut butter. I put it on everything from ice cream to donuts, to candy bars, to granola bars.  The world is a better place because of peanut butter. (preferably Jif)

darby sherriI like being mysterious and having people wonder what I am truly like.  It leaves a lot of room open to not be predictable.  I love to smile but smirking is good too.

Besides smiling and smirking, I like autumn, crisp mornings, Amish/Mennonite culture, adventures, and the smell of homemade bread, tall trees, and waking up early.

It’s hard to describe how happy creating websites and being on Social media sites has made me without finding myself sounding very cheesy and extremely cliche.