Website development begins with a free, initial consultation. The actual development process includes gathering information about your company, identifying keywords for your niche, collecting images and text plus design revisions before a final launch.

Website development includes:

1. Gathering client information

What is the purpose of the website? Is it to sell products, provide information about your company. Who is your target audience? What does your ‘ideal’ person look like. Setting goals is important in the beginning.

2. Mapping out a site plan

We develop a spreadsheet to determine what pages and hierarchy are needed. The spreadsheet is also used to identify and target keywords that are important for the individual pages. The navigation interface is determined at this point.

3. Wireframing and Design Prototypes

Mockups are created to represent what the future site will look like. This will include font usage, color scheme, branding and overall style of the future web page.

4. Development

Designs that have been approved from the mockups are now coded and functional aspects of the web page are set up, like contact forms and navigational buttons.

5. Testing the website

Final details and testing is performed. Code is validated for compliance with web standards

6. Site Submission and Google Analytics

Once a site has been completed, it is submitted for indexing by all the major search engines. Google Analytics is added to the site for tracking visitors and providing a baseline for future reporting and analyzing visitor activity for individual pages.

7. Social Media Integration

Social media may be desirable for your market. Links and “Like” buttons are added to the site to create opportunities for growing your business via social media platforms.

8. Tablets and Smartphones

Over 15% of internet usage is now coming from tablets and smartphones. Mobile usage is another consideration for your website.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The development of your web site is not done, though. To bring repeat visitors to your site new content or products must be added on a regular basis.