Affordable Web Maintenance Service and Website Updates Monthly or As Needed (Pay As You Go)

Do you have an existing website that needs changes or maintenance?

Need something updated or changed?

Don’t have time to keep up with updates to your website?

Need a bit of a fresher look?

Need general editing and maintenance on your website on a monthly basis?

Is your current webmaster taking too much time to get things done or is unresponsive?

We provide website maintenance for ALL websites including those designed by Unplugged Designs or someone else!

Contact us, we can help. We’ll discuss what needs to be done and how long it will take to make the updates and changes. We work fast but pay close attention to detail. Most overhauls take a few hours or less of our time.

Our affordable website maintenance services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Content changes and additions
  • A design makeover for a fresh new look (helpful tip: send us a list of up to 5 websites that you like visually.)
  • Add new content including text, products, images and video to existing pages forms and add to navigation
  • Update existing content including text, products, images and video
  • Update CSS styling (colors, text size, fonts, etc.)website-maintenance-page-banner
  • Update version software including plugins for WordPress

Important To Know

  • We provide a detailed invoice at the end of any pay as you go project or at the end of each month. Net is due within 7 days of receiving invoice.
  • We’re readily available by email or phone if you have questions or concerns.
  • As a small business owner, we understand the value of a dollar and we know the importance of getting the best for your hard-earned money. You will get 110% from us no matter how small the update.

So how much do we charge for our web maintenance services?

Our fee is $/hour
We can get a lot done in an hour; We also can bill in quarter hour increments so if you don’t have a full hour’s worth of work for us to do, no worries!

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